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Does a govt who isn’t working FOR the folks deserve support?

Does a govt who are killing innocuous men, women and kids in some distance off global places that pose no probability to the Nation, have a correct to extort cash from us to finance this project?

Does a govt who’s instituting progressively more ideas, principles, Statues, and lots of others. to the purpose the place that you would be able to also now not sneeze without violating this kind of ridiculous issues, should be supported in Eradicating our very personal Freedom?

I say NO!!! and i would possibly say much more if I used to be as soon as allowed to swear on this medium.

there are certain laws so as to also be common or “God Given” relying in your beliefs – Like “don’t steal” “don’t hurt or murder” “don’t be Dishonest for your dealings” and “deal with others reminiscent of you would like to be treated”.

These rules were with man on condition that beginning of time, they stand specially utterly different law.

So if a govt, who’s there to indicate the parents of a Nation, and provide a climate the place the folks can go about their business in peace and reside their lives as they make a selection – as long as they don’t harm the widespread regulations above, does kind out the place of a criminal and begins to have a look at Theft, Extortion, blackmail, spying by the use of itself people and locking folks up for “Crimes” that in no way harm somebody – does it deserve beef up?

If we toughen one of these executive – does that now not additionally make Criminals out of Us?

So what will we do? they have the Police, the Courts and an army?

There are Lawful manner of doing this. it is going to have to take some Guts, alternatively no fight was ever received with no braveness.

take a look at the hyperlinks in my resource field underneath or do a search on phrases like “Freeman” or “Redemption”.

some of the important key issues in changing into additional Free, is to bear in mind WHO you might be and WHAT you might be in addition to What you aren’t. Now this may increasingly more and more appear reasonably tricky or unusual to most of us, due to the fact that now we have now been urged when you believe that childhood that considerations are a definite method – by means of the utilization of folks who have invested a substantial effort in making us believe a lie.

Are you Mr. or Mrs. so and so? Are you your title? Are you the rules for your identification or Drivers licence? Are you the motive force? Are you the Taxpayer? Are you the Citizen?

No you are not! And when requested in any legit capacity, you might be best that you can imagine off replying NO. Why are you now not these items? as a result of they is also labels – resolve Tags! Can the set up Tag really feel, talk about, run, chortle, cry, bleed and a million different considerations an precise residing person can do?

but it certainly will get worse than that. When these phrases are utilized in reference to you by the use of any Public body like a govt, Council, Police, courtroom docket docket, financial institution, service provider, and so forth. it does now not even in reality imply you. It refers to your “particular person” or “Strawman”.

What the h… is that, I hear you say. neatly the “specific individual” was once as soon as created at your delivery (in the experience that your start was once as soon as registered) or whilst you registered in a model new u . s . a . of residence. it is a roughly detention center fiction that exists within the fictitious world of commerce – which is the realm of all fictions paying homage to Governments, Councils and firms.

We – the right kind living Human Beings cannot exist or function on this myth world, so the federal govt used to be type enough to invent a vessel with which we will sail the ocean of Commerce and generate income and pay tax. however it without a doubt was once as soon as devious sufficient to no longer inform us about this – on account of if we knew this only a few of us may say “hang on, I handiest do trade with completely completely different precise residing Human Beings, why will have to I matter myself to the entire rules, Taxes and foolish Statues of the trade World?”

there’s a Free E-e-book that explains this very smartly. it’s written by way of a Canadian woman: Mary Croft. it is known as “How I Clobbered every money Confiscatory company understand to Man”. In it she tells how we got here to show had been we’re in this day and age, and the best way she used what she realized regarding the true means the computer we reside in works, to forestall paying taxes, and to make use of secret tools that belong to the person/STRAWMAN to stay a existence she make a decision. that’s the excellent textual content material material for a full image of this new dimension to existence.

Do you wish to discover this Dimension? Do you need additional Freedom? well, there’s a freeway – you merely have to walk it.

Kent Bengtsson



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