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London (PRWEB) November 28, 2020


•This file is the implications of WealthInsight’s intensive prognosis defending the extraordinary web value person (HNWI) inhabitants and wealth administration market in Singapore.

•The file makes a speciality of HNWI effectivity between the perfect that you can imagine of 2007 (the peak prematurely of the global monetary bother) and the tip of 2020. this permits us to decide how neatly the us of a’s HNWIs have performed by way of the difficulty.


This file deals projections of the amount and wealth of Singapore HNWIs. This includes demographic features (2008-2012) and findings of the proprietary Wealth thought HNWI Database.


•independent market sizing of Singapore HNWIs in every single place 5 wealth bands

•HNWI quantity and wealth inclinations from 2008 to 2020

•HNWI extent and wealth forecasts to 2017

•HNWI and UHNWI asset allocations all through 13 asset lessons

•collection of UHNWIs in every state and all main cities

•quickest rising cities and states for UHNWIs (2008-2012)

•Insights into the drivers of HNWI wealth

causes to purchase

•The WealthInsight Intelligence coronary coronary heart Database is an unparalleled useful resource and the top helpful helpful useful resource of its kind. Compiled and curated with the help of the utilization of the usage of a crew of a certified prognosis consultants, the database incorporates dossiers on over 60,000 HNWIs from international.

•The Intelligence heart moreover comprises monitoring of wealth and liquidity eventualities as they occur and certain profiles of primary personal banks, wealth managers and household places of labor in each market.

•With the Database because the muse for our prognosis and prognosis, we are ready acquire an unsurpassed stage of granularity, perception and authority on the HNWI and wealth administration universe in each of the sector areas and areas we quilt.

•report incorporates complete forecasts to 2017.

Key Highlights

•there were in easy terms over 183,000 HNWIs in Singapore in 2020. These HNWIs mutually held US$ 857 billion in wealth, which equated to eighty five.7% of all of the express person wealth held in every single place the u . s ..

•Singaporean HNWIs outperformed the worldwide inexpensive everywhere the overview size – world HNWI volumes diminished with the aid of the usage of the use of zero.three% whereas Singapore HNWI numbers extended just about by means of one hundred%.

•In 2020, Singapore HNWI numbers rose by means of 21.7%, following a upward thrust of 4.2% in 2020.

•elevate in HNWI wealth and volumes are estimated to give a boost to over the forecast size. your whole number of Singaporean HNWIs is forecast to grow by means of fifty nine% to achieve over 291,579 in 2017. HNWI wealth is projected to beef up by the use of sixty three% to succeed in US$ 1.39 trillion by means of 2017.

desk of Contents


1.1 crucial points of this report

1.2 Definitions

2 government abstract


three.1 Political historic prior

three.2 financial historical prior

three.three Benchmarking Singapore Wealth in Context

3.three.1 World knowledge

three.three.2 Distribution of wealth in Singapore

three.4 HNWI extent and Wealth features


4.1 inclinations in HNWI Wealth to 2017

4.1.1 HNWI pattern prognosis

4.1.2 features of the wealth bands

4.1.three Demographic breakdown of HNWI

four.1.4 HNWIs – job titles

four.1.5 HNWIs – alternate breakdown

four.1.6 HNWIs – trade effectivity

4.2 UHNWIs

4.2.1 UHNWI amount pattern prognosis

4.2.2 UHNWI wealth pattern analysis

four.2.three Demographic breakdown of UHNWIs

4.2.4 UHNWIs – sector breakdown

4.three UHNWIs – Billionaires

4.three.1 Billionaire quantity developing diagnosis

four.three.2 Billionaire wealth pattern prognosis

four.three.three Billionaire per capita net worth sample analysis

four.three.four file of billionaires

4.4 UHNWIs – Centimillionaires

4.4.1 Centimillionaire extent pattern prognosis

4.4.2 Centimillionaires wealth pattern prognosis

four.4.three Centimillionaires per capita web worth building prognosis

4.5 UHNWIs – affluent Millionaires

four.5.1 affluent millionaire amount constructing prognosis

four.5.2 affluent millionaire wealth constructing prognosis

four.5.three prosperous millionaire per capita web price development prognosis

4.6 Core HNWIs

4.6.1 Core HNWI amount sample prognosis

4.7 Core HNWIs – Mid-Tier Millionaires

4.7.1 Mid-tier millionaire extent pattern prognosis

four.7.2 Mid-tier millionaire wealth building prognosis

4.7.three Mid-tier millionaire per capita internet value sample prognosis

four.eight Core HNWIs – decrease-Tier Millionaires

four.eight.1 decrease-tier millionaire extent pattern prognosis

four.eight.2 lower-tier millionaire wealth sample prognosis

four.eight.three lower-tier millionaire per capita internet worth constructing prognosis


5.1 rules on Taxes

5.2 financial alerts

5.2.1 LC to US$ alternate cost

5.2.2 precise GDP raise

5.2.three Per capita GDP

5.2.4 living market capitalization

5.2.5 Commodity index

5.2.6 world direct funding

5.2.7 Inflation price

5.2.eight interest rate

5.2.9 steadiness of greenbacks

5.2.10 govt debt

5.2.eleven stock market effectivity

5.2.12 Wealth Breakdowns


tips of Tables

desk 1: HNWI Wealth Band and group of workers Definitions

desk 2: main areas in Singapore

desk three: Singaporean HNWIs – amount Distribution Wealth Pyramid, 2020

desk 4: Singaporean HNWIs – Wealth Distribution Wealth Pyramid (share share), 2020

desk 5: Singapore HNWI Sector effectivity, 2008–2012

desk 6: Singapore UHNWI –Gender effectivity, 2008- 2020

desk 7: Singapore UHNWI –present of Wealth (share), 2020

desk eight: Singapore Billionaires – Market Overview (US$ Billions) 2008–2017

desk 9: Singapore high-10 Billionaires (US$ Billions), 2020

desk 10: Singapore Billionaire Wealth growth, 2008?2012

desk eleven: Singapore Centimillionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

desk 12: Singapore prosperous Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

desk thirteen: Singaporean Mid-Tier Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

desk 14: Singapore lower-Tier Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

desk 15: Singapore Allocations of HNWI property (%), 2007?2017

desk sixteen: SGD to US$ alternate price, 2008–2017

desk 17: Singapore exact GDP carry up, 2008–2017

desk 18: Singapore GDP Per Capita, 2008–2017

desk 19: Singapore living Market Capitalization (US$ Billions) 2008–2012

table 20: Singapore Commodity Indices, 2008–2017

desk 21: Singapore in another country Direct Investments (US$ Billions) 2008–2017

desk 22: Singapore Inflation price, 2008–2017

desk 23: Singapore cash Market value, 2008–2017

desk 24: Singapore steadiness of dollars (US$ Billions) 2008–2012

desk 25: Singapore govt Debt to GDP, 2008–2017

desk 26: Singapore inventory Market effectivity, 2008–2012

desk 27: Singapore HNWI Wealth vs GDP Ratio, 2008–2017

desk 28: Singapore Appendix Two

desk 29: Singapore Appendix Two

tips of Figures

decide 1: HNWI Wealth Band Definitions

unravel 2: Map of Singapore

unravel three: Singapore: Asset price effectivity, 2008–2012

unravel four: Singapore HNWI effectivity, 2008–2017

make a decision 5: Singaporean HNWIs vs the sphere

figure 6: Singapore: HNWIs – raise drawback Correlation, 2007–2012

decide 7: Singaporean HNWIs – extent Distribution Wealth Pyramid, 2020

resolve eight: Singaporean HNWIs – Wealth Distribution Wealth Pyramid (share Share), 2020

resolve 9: Singaporean HNWIs – Age Distribution, 2020

unravel 10: Singaporean HNWIs – Job Titles, 2008–2012

determine eleven: Singaporean HNWIs – Distribution by means of trade, 2020

make a decision 12: Singaporean UHNWIs – Wealth Share vs extent elevate, 2008–2012

figure 13: Singapore UHNWIs – quantity at some point of the utilization of Wealth Band, 2008–2017

decide 14: Singaporean UHNWIs – Wealth by the use of Wealth Band (US$ Billion), 2008–2017

get to the bottom of 15: Singapore UHNWIs – Age Distribution (percentage Share), 2020

determine sixteen: Singapore UHNWIs – Distribution with the help of the utilization of change, 2020

decide 17: Singapore Billionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

make a decision 18: Singapore Centimillionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

figure 19: Singapore affluent Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

figure 20: Singaporean Mid-Tier Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

come to a decision 21: Singapore lower-Tier Millionaires – Market Overview, 2008–2017

make a decision 22: SGD to US$ alternate value, 2008–2017

get to the bottom of 23: Singapore exact GDP bring up (%), 2008–2017

unravel 24: Singapore GDP Per Capita, 2008–2017

decide 25: Singapore home Market Capitalization (US$ Billions) 2008–2012

get to the bottom of 26: Singapore Commodity Indices, 2008–2017

make a decision 27: Singapore world Direct Investments (US$ Billions) 2008–2017

unravel 28: Singapore Inflation price, 2008–2017

unravel 29: Singapore: money Market cost, 2008-2017

resolve 30: Singapore stability of money (US$ Billions) 2008–2012

determine 31: Singapore govt Debt to GDP, 2008–2017

unravel 32: Singapore inventory Market effectivity, 2008–2017

unravel 33: Singapore HNWI Wealth vs GDP Ratio, 2008–2017

unravel 34: Singaporean HNWIs – amount by means of Wealth Band, 2008–2017

get to the bottom of 35: Singaporean HNWIs – Wealth by the use of Wealth Band (in US$ Billions), 2008–2017

come to a decision 36: Singaporean HNWIs – Wealth Per Capita (in US$ Billions), 2008–2017

firms talked about

standard Chartered non-public monetary institution

UOB non-public Banking

DBS private financial institution

monetary establishment of Singapore Ltd

analysis the complete file:

extreme web value dispositions in Singapore 2020


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